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When I first saw these photographs, I loved how my eye could automatically tell that parts of the photographs were three-dimensional and parts, the backgrounds, were flat. At first I thought it was some interesting trick of the camera to give them that look. And then I read this: 

"Thoroughly captivating and inescapably eerie, Elsewhere is an exploration of nine natural history museums throughout the United States, documented as never before. Drawn to the inherent mystery and melancholy of 'real nature' as constructed by history museums, photographer Nealy Blau sought to document more than just the contents of each diorama. the end result is a dreamlike collection of photographs that captures the true experience of each exhibit - a delicate balance of the real and unreal." 

And then I loved them even more.

Source: Nealy Blau via Terrain


Virginia from Blue Fruit said...

Oh! I didn't expect to read that ~ amazing! When I recently went to see the Natural History Museum in NYC at Christmas, I was most taken with the REALLY old exhibits of the American Woodlands. They must be from the 1960s, because the graphics and signs look like that era {or somebody has done that on purpose? Not sure, but I loved it and would like to think it is original.} Anyway, I digress, but they were spell-binding and I could have spent hours happily wandering around looking at them. These photographs had yet another level!
Great post.

a woman's right to shoes said...

Absolutely amazing. The photos are spectacular and with the text you simply have to love them more.