happy friday!

One of my favorite things about Fridays, other than being the obvious last day of the work week, is Jane's weekly Friday! post. I love the way she writes about doing the simplest things, organizing, cleaning, pondering. I love this little paragraph from today's post: 

"I came home last night and cut up a ruby grapefruit, sprinkled it with demerara sugar and sat down and let the sweetness wake up my brain. I could feel it creep behind my eyes and push some of the fog away in my brain. I know when I start to feel that fog, the small decisions matter a lot. So, I'm dressing my bed every morning and moisturizing my elbows, taking Vitamin D and going out of my way to bring flowers into my apartment even when I just feel like dashing home." 

It has inspired me to stop by the store on my way home from work and buy a grapefruit for the first time, to continue drinking my green smoothies every morning, moisturizing my (embarrassingly) callused feet every night, and to continue with all of my organizing from this past weekend. I realize I accomplished a lot in finally throwing away the useless papers I've been hanging onto and donating all the things I don't love or need. But there is still more, so much more. 

Source: Inès


katie kate. said...

sometimes you just need the juicy flesh of a ruby red grapefruit. i live on them during the wintertime. they're so refreshing. i eat mine without sugar and there's still plenty of sweetness but definitely a kick too. enjoy!

Charlotte said...

have a happy weekend! ps. I left an award for you on my blog. :)

Tali Schiffer said...

What a great post, and definitely inspiring!
Oh, and I love the photo you chose for this post :)