happy friday!

I have a nice little weekend ahead of me:

Tonight I will finally watch Avatar (I'm stubborn about this movie and don't want to watch it because of how popular it is. But it's on the 100 Best Movies list I've been working on, so I have to.)

I'll also be watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, The GraduateCitizen Kane, and The Usual Suspects. It'll be my first time for all four, and I have high hopes for these "classics."

I'm also determined to curl up with a cup of coffee and finish reading Solaris. Which is so wonderful right now... But it's one of those books that I want to give all of my attention to, not just read here and there. I want to finish it in one go.

I'm also teaching my first photography class on Sunday! It's just a one-on-one thing, but I'm nervous about it and afraid I'll be all over the place with it. Hopefully the student can bear with me...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Source: 1. Iris Jans 2. nora.jane 3. 19th century gentleman


Krystal said...

Happy Friday!!! I am hoping to find a movie to watch tonight too. I watched Avatar a few days ago and it was a'ight...I also never watched it because of the hype. There were articles out about how people were depressed after seeing it because they were so swept up in the dream world or something. Anyway, I only half watched it actually so I didn't get depressed!! I think it must be awesome in 3-D though..
I also hope Keira does Anna Karenina!!

JD said...

Don't do it! I haven't watched Avatar either...Lets be the only 2 people on earth who won't succumb!;)
Happy Friday!

Andra Johnson said...

Good luck with your class! If you ever hold any workshops/classes in the Richmond area I would love to participate!

andrea despot said...

lol, but i have to watch it because it's on the list! believe me, i'm not so happy about it either...

Caitlin said...

I will definitely have to check out this list... I'm with you about Avatar, when things are overhyped like that it turns me way off. I hope you enjoy it! And I can't speak for all the others you mentioned, but I finally watched The Usual Suspects, and I loved it. And it was neat to see one of Kevin Spacey's "earlier" movies.

Charlotte said...

uggggh Avatar. It's just Pocahontas, retold. I do NOT see all the hype over it.

Amie McCracken said...

Avatar is meh, don't want to ruin it before you watch it since you're hesitant already, but it's meh.

Breakfast at Tiffany's = awesome
The Graduate = excellent
Don't think I've seen the other two.