what dreams may come

Is this week going by super slow or is it just me? Probably just me as my boyfriend is coming to visit in a little over a week and I just can't wait until he's here! I'm taking a whole week and a day off from work and I'm really looking forward to spending more than a short weekend with him! Yeah... so.... time is moving super slow for me until then...

Nevertheless, here's some pretty for you on this "almost Friday."

Source: 1. Elliot J. 2. traskblueribbon 3. }i{. laureski kolaure 3. traskblueribbon

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Goggled Hero said...

I actually thought the one was one of Brian's or something and you got it and colored it. The bike wheel one.

It's like you said though, they're so subtle and dreamy that they don't jump out at you really. I like the last one. I hadn't even noticed the street lamps on the bottom. I think that's what I like most about it. I would have cropped it shorter so it was mostly them and sky without the purple.