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Some more winter favorites from Toast... I really love the look of the model in these: pale hair and pale skin with bright rosy cheeks!

PS. In celebration of the beginning of December, it's snowing on my blog! I hate to copy other bloggers, but this is such a fun and festive idea that I got from Daniella of Dress Design Decor.

Source: Toast


Krystal said...

I loove the snow! And it's snowing here :)

samantha. said...

omg, i love how your blog is snowing~ i just found you and love everything.. need to take a longer look! be my friend on goodreads, i can't figure out how to request it! (i also have a link to mine on my blog) i love angela carter and just read west with the night and am obsessed with all the same things!


styleforlife said...

LOVE and the snow....I wish we had snow in LA....:(
Love your blog.....xxxx Emily

PS- Come check out my giveaway. :-)

Charlotte said...

Ooooooo I love that top picture! What fun!

Tali Schiffer said...

That's the closest I'll get to snow this year, so thanks :)