happy friday!

Happy Friday to you all! I'm getting really excited since my love (aka Sean) comes into town tomorrow! He'll be here for the next ten days and I'm taking off work all of next week so I'm really looking forward to spending every waking moment with him!

It's Christmastime so I'm excited anyway, but I'm especially excited about this one since it will be the first time Sean and I will get to spend Christmas together. We've been together for over four years, but when I was in college I went home to visit my family (who lived 800+ miles away) and he went to visit his. And since it's been long distance since then, we've just done the same thing since neither of us get to see our families very often. But my paternal grandmother just turned 89 this year and she has yet to meet him. I know I would greatly regret it if they never met, so it's really important to me that he goes to Ohio with me this year.

Ohio is where all of my extended family lives, so he'll be meeting my aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time! I'm also going to stop by the office one day next week to show him off to all of my coworkers. So lots of meeting for him to do... Poor guy...!

Needless to say I'll be busy enjoying Sean, my family and friends and probably won't be on the internet much until after Christmas. But I still might pop in once or twice before then...

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laura evans/photography said...

well i know you're going to have a wonderful super fabulous weekend chica!! enjoy your time together & have a great weekend. xx

Huong said...

Ditto to what Laura Evans said ... enjoy your time together and have fun celebrating your first Christmas together :)

Tali Schiffer said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you guys that you will get to spend the holiday together... though he is a pour guy for having to meet everyone in your life in that one visit... The things we do for love :P
Enjoy, be merry, and savor every moment! xo

andrea despot said...

thanks guys :D