weekend recap

Oh gosh... And it's Monday again...

I had a wonderfully extra long Thanksgiving weekend with my mom and my twin in Hilton Head Island! We had Thanksgiving dinner at his boss's house with his wife and 3-month old baby. I think it worked out perfectly as they didn't have any family to visit either, so it was just the six of us! We had a second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday at my brother's apartment watching football (well, actually I played iPod games and read as I don't care for football). And of course my brother had to go and specially buy a few of my favorite foods: moose tracks ice cream, potato chips, clementines, swiss cake rolls, white wine... Basically, I think I gained 5-10 pounds this past weekend! But I was on Vacation so I was allowed, right?

Overall, it was really great to finally see where my brother lives and works and all that stuff. A trip to see him was very long overdue.

So, now I'm reluctant to return back to my normal working life. I have so much to do in such a short amount of time! Which also includes catching up on my blog reading...

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Tina Crespo said...

sounds like the perfect thanksgiving to me.

so um...eh hem. i am addicted to Drop City. I've always felt much more at home in nature, right in the woods. So the whole hippie thing, I can get. But I feel there is going to be some change coming in the book, something disastrous and I just can't get myself to keep reading!
If you can't remember, Sess is the mountain man whom Pamela chooses to marry and live in Alaska with at his homemade cabin.
In my head, he looks exactly like Ryan Reynolds with a beard, and I would totally live with him.

Krystal said...

yahhh welcome back to mondayyyyy :) glad you had a good w/e!

andrea despot said...

hmmm... ryan reynolds? maybe i need to re-read that afterall! actually, i really don't remember any of what you've just described, so maybe i should read it again anyway :)