new blog!

Okay, I'm finally taking the plunge and separating my personal photography endeavors from all the other photographs and things I post on here that aren't my own! I think it'll be easier (and more professional) that way. So, run, don't walk, on over to the Andrea Despot Photography blog and follow me there!

Now this may be the confusing part:

The blog address for my new photography blog is:


which was formally my old inspirational blog called "May I Take Your Picture?" I stopped blogging there when I started "The Lighthouse Keeper" a few months ago. But for the ease of not having an extra blog address I never use and keeping the name andreadespot.blogspot.com, I decided to delete everything that was posted on the old blog and start over with the new one (confused yet?). So some of you may already still be following this new blog, but if you have any links to it, please be so kind as to rename them:

Andrea Despot Photography

and NOT:

May I Take Your Picture?

Okay? Thanks!

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Tali Schiffer said...

Congrats on plunging! See you on the other blog :)