happy friday!

I have lots to do this weekend! What about you? Will you be busy busy busy or will you be able to sleep in super late and lounge around reading and eating like I kinda wish I could do?

Either way, I hope it's lovely!

Source: 1. Frederico Erra 2. irenesuchocki


Krystal said...

Good luck on your busy weekend!!

Photo Blog said...

wow! don't know which photo i like better. i am really loving the top one with her purple hair. very cool!

Tali Schiffer said...

That bottom image with the kiss feels like 80's to me, don't know why :)
My weekend was super busy and tiring! Tomorrow's Sunday (which is a start of a new week for us) and lucky me, I get to sleep in :)

Molly said...

Both of these pics stopped me dead in my tracks... or in my computer screen scroll as the case may be.
Can't decide which I love more!!!
Thanks for finding them and sharing. They've made my morning.