happy friday!

Today was such a long day. Well, not actually long, because it's been going by fast. But I've had so much to do! I actually had a photoshoot to do on location for work this morning and afternoon. I've just gotten back and now I have pictures to organize and edit. I also have some more pictures to shoot and loads of color correcting to do. But it's really nice to actually have something (fun) to do at work!

By the way, these photos were actually taken by me for once! Just some images from my week...

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Source: Andrea Despot


Krystal said...

i was going to say, i love the top one! what kind of photo shoot now?

:) said...

dude, those are gorgeous pictures! what's the first one supposed to be of?

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Huong said...

These are beaaautiful! Hope you have an awesome weekend too :)