happy friday!

Happy Friday! And happy October! I am so ready for Autumn, for October, for Halloween, for Thanksgiving, for holiday after holiday...

Actually, I'm more of a warm-weather, traipse in a field, revel in the sun kind of girl. But last year I hated the Winter, the snow, the darkness, the greyness, and the dullness so much that I'm going to (somewhat reluctantly) convince myself to relish in it this year!

I will take advantage of the early sunset and curl up with coffee and a book.
I will find the perfect pair of boots to wear.
And cozy sweaters.
I will buy the Fall fashion that I love so much but never actually purchase.

I've already bought my requisite mini pumpkins, so I'm on my way!

Source: Valeria H


Krystal said...

i'm still need the perfect boots. which is silly because i have 4 pairs in my closet, just no BROWN ones. sigh.

Daiane said...

happy October! i'm ready for fall and holidays too :)

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Molly said...

I need some mini pumpkins!!!