happy friday!

I'm so glad today's Friday... I have a nice weekend coming up: house-sitting and cat-sitting (a job I've done since I was 16 years old), taking advantage of their premium movie channels and watching lots of movies, lots of reading, and looking forward to the season premieres of some of my favorite TV shows! Have a great weekend everyone!

Source: 1. A.WOOD 2. ghostlings


laura evans/photography said...

are a closeted crazy cat lady? have a wonderful relaxing (i'm totally jealous) weekend. xx

dulci said...

ooh that bedroom looks cozy!


Charlotte said...

You can certainly post your book review later; the linky will stay open!

Tali Schiffer said...

That photo from Ghostlings, I saw it too, and loved it! A lot more than the after photo, where she painted everything white... :)
Happy weekend!

Tina Crespo said...

yay for ki-ki's! sounds like my perfect weekend.