the electric michelangelo

While I was in Florida, my boyfriend and I hit Barnes & Noble a couple of times like we usually do. We browsed the magazine aisles and an issue of Inked jumped out at me. I flipped through it and the photography was nice but rather ordinary, until I came across these photographs! I love love love the contrast of her colorful tattoos with her white clothing and platinum hair! I also love the white background and how the edges of the model are slightly overexposed. Soooo beautiful and edgy at the same time!

Source: Jason Ierace via Inked


Tali Schiffer said...

How not surprising that you guys were at B&N :)
I agree, such a wonderful contrast (and oh my gosh, those tattoo sleeves are amazing!)

Goggled Hero said...

Niiiiiice...I still really love that first one.