the autumnal equinox

Happy first day of Autumn! It is honestly my favorite season of all, and though I think every person on every other blog out there has already said it, it's true for me as well: one of my favorite things about Fall is the clothes! The browns, the reds, the cozy sweaters and dark jeans, the pea coats and the scarves. Everything warm and cozy, but not chilling like Winter: oranges and yellows and leaves compared to the biting dullness and grey. I love it!


Michelle said...

Wowzers, that is an amazing photo.

lavelle said...

Amazing photos (Hannah;s is my favourite blog ever)!
I love Autumn too. I cant wait to wear cosy cardigans and woolly tights!

Krystal said...

Hey stranger!!! Sorry I've been so absent. Crazy life = no time for me :( lame.
yeah fall!

Goggled Hero said...

I like the orange one a lot.