So I've decided that even though it would probably be too cold to live there, Iceland is a place that I must visit. It always look so beautiful, full of wide open spaces of earth, air and water...

Also, if anyone knows where I can get a mini chess set just like the one pictured, please let me know! I kinda need one. Even though I don't remember how to play chess.

Source: Kyle Hale


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh I've been wanting to go to Iceland forrrreeeever! So beautiful :)

P.S. I'm giving away a dress today if you wanna take a peek! xo

Krystal said...

i'm kind of loving that dude picture up top!

Charlotte said...

Iceland is in the top 5 of places I want to visit.

I really like the shot of the bridemaids trekking!