going the distance

Today is mine and my boyfriend's 4-year anniversary! Since we are not able to be together today, I sent him a gift in the mail with instructions not to open until today. Inside is a tiny treasure chest filled with 1,462 hearts: one heart for every day we've been together and every day we've been apart, but always together in our hearts. (Cheesy... I know!)

There are 365 white hearts for year one, 366 (leap year 2008!) light blue hearts for year two, 365 blue hearts for year three, 365 navy hearts for year four, and one red heart for today, the start of year five. (In case it isn't obvious, the deepening of colors from white to navy represents our love deepening the longer we've been together.)

Also inside is a little note and poem, but that's for his eyes only:

I can't convey enough how much I love him, how much I love being with him, how much I love absolutely everything about him, without getting all mushy. Though we haven't been physically together for most of the past four years (I live in Virginia while he lives in Florida, about 800 miles apart), I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I have a lot of people tell me how shocked they are that we're still together, that they would've given up a long time ago, that they would be afraid he would cheat, etc. But I trust him completely; it's never been an issue. If I had doubts, I probably shouldn't be in the relationship in the first place. And though the long distance isn't exactly prime, I would still rather be "with" and apart from him than be "with" and with anybody else.

I love him. He's my heart :)

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Charlotte said...

What a perfectly sweet little gift! What are the hearts made of?

My husband and I did the long distance thing for 2+ years (while we were dating). It can be done!

Molly said...

Ummm, tomorrow is my hubby and my 4 year wedding anniversary! We're anniversary twins.

Your gift is sooo much more romantic than mine. (I plan to get him a pair of chuck taylor's and a tshirt that he's had his eye on ~ roooooomantic, I know). Maybe, next year I should check with you first and just copy away!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Krystal said...

happy anniversary! that gift is so thoughtful and amazing, he better LOOOOVE IT!!

Tali Schiffer said...

What a beautiful post! I can so relate, with the burst of enormous love that is, I feel the same for my special guy!
You both are real strong for being able to hold on and make this long-distance relationship work, and work well!
Hope you guys are back together soon so you can actually celebrate together!

laura evans/photography said...

i love this ... gorgeous pictures ... a wonderful gift ... & your story is all kind of romantic! thanks for sharing chica ... looking forward to hearing what you do next year!

Nicola said...

This is a beautiful and amazing present. :) Happy Anniversary!

Goggled Hero said...

I love you