shop til you drop

I'll reiterate myself: I hate shopping. Of course, I love having new and pretty things, but I'm a saver at heart and a part of me always feels guilty for spending money, even if it's for something that I need. And I hate shopping for clothes. It's so exhausting trying to find the right thing when there are so many stores and so many options. I wish everything was in one place and I could hit a button and choose: Dress. Black. Above knee. Flattering waist. Hides tummy area. Under $100. Much like the internet, except I want it when I'm actually there, shopping.

So, on my little shopping trip on Monday for a dress to wear to a friend's upcoming wedding, I only went to a few stores, but I think I lucked out! I had a discount card to Express so I went there first and fell in love with the first dress I tried on! Everything about it is perfect, making me look surprisingly thin and curvy, while also completely comfortable. So I got the dress, along with a flower accessory to pin onto one of the straps near the bust (to dress it up a bit), and some earrings. I also went to Anthropologie, which was my first time to one of their actual stores and of course I wanted to buy everything! But I just bought a comfy dress, so soft it's almost like a nightgown, and a belt to go with it. And then I went to Target and got some new sandals (I can never have enough brown flat sandals), and a new handbag (every time I buy a new purse, it's bigger than the last).

So after dreading the trip, uncertain that I would find something perfect (I really am very picky), I am so relieved and happy with what I got. I couldn't have asked for a more perfectly flattering dress!

Source: Andrea Despot


Tali Schiffer said...

Andrea you did good! Love that dress you got from Express! I want one too!!! (they don't ship to Israel though...). I am not a big fan of shopping either, but I love finding new things to add to my closet :)

Sean said...

You ARE "surprisingly thin and curvy," GAH!