license to kill

Have you seen the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

First, if you haven't, you should because Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer are hilarious! Wikipedia describes it as being "of the classic film noir genre in a tongue-in-cheek fashion."

Second, if you have, do you remember the Johnny Gossamer novels that Harmony read when she was younger and then saw later in that Hollywood producer's apartment? I loved them. I loved the way they were lined up all nice and neat on the shelf.

So one day I was in Barnes & Noble and saw a collection of James Bond novels lined up all nice and neat on one of the shelves. They were short and skinny and colorful and the cover art reminded me of the Johnny Gossamer novels! So I decided I would collect all of them someday, but only bought the first, Casino Royale, at the time.

Skip to a couple years later, which was actually a couple weeks ago, and I received a package in the mail from my boyfriend with five more! He gave them to me for my birthday (along with, yes, Sense and Sensibility; my literary tastes are quite varied)! Don't they look so nice lined up together? Six down, nine more to go.

Source: Andrea Despot


Tina Crespo said...

i absolutely feel that if we went to a bookstore together, we'd never come out!

have a great weekend!!

Sean said...

I can't believe you found those covers =]

Brandi Reynolds said...

such yummy pics and I LOVE the old james bond movies (sean connery era)