a wedding & the girl with the dragon tattoo

This past weekend was really fun considering I don't usually go out of town or do anything exciting! On Saturday I went to (one of) my best friend's wedding. I've known her since preschool so I was really excited to see her get married!

Then on Sunday I went with another friend to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I read the first two books in the trilogy last year and I could not wait for the last one to come out. Now that it has, I feel like I need to reread the first two. And now I really want to reread them after seeing the movie! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was. They are Swedish books written by a Swedish author, so it only makes sense that it would be a Swedish film with Swedish actors. And they were perfect. Lisbeth Salander is one of the most complex, mysterious, strange and amazing characters, I think, in fiction. And the actress who portrays her is absolutely perfect. I can't imagine anyone else as Lisbeth.

I fall really easily into books and movies that are part of a series. Think The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. I fall into them so much that sometimes I feel as if I am a part of them, as if it is all happening to me, and it takes me awhile to get out of it. Then when it's over, when the books are completed, when the movies are released, I feel extremely sad. Is that crazy?

So now I'm having trouble thinking about anything else but The Girl with Dragon Tattoo. I've really fallen into that...

Anyway, after the movie we went to Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble (where I bought Dune; I've been in the mood to read a really good science fiction book and I'm hoping it will suffice) and then we ate at Five Guys, which was so yummy! I live for a good burger and fries...

How was your weekend?!

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Krystal said...

umm not crazy at all! i fall easily like that in to books. i hate when books end :( i also just watched the 2nd twilight for the first time last night! sigh.