day 18 - a picture of me and a best friend

This is me and my sister when I was almost 3 and she was 5 months old! We were never the sort of sisters to fight too much, though I do admit that I didn't appreciate her as much as I do now and I wish I'd been nicer to her at times. It bugged me when she copied me, even though my mom told me I should take it as a compliment. Of course, I completely understand now and realize that she could've been much much worse as far as little sisters go.

But now I really do appreciate her. I honestly consider her to be one of my best friends, and a best friend that I know will always be a best friend. It still amazes me how close we've become and I love that we have so much in common, in our demeanor and in our interests. Yep, she's pretty cool. I love you my lil gangsta!

Source: Karen Despot


Krystal said...

such a sweet pic :) almost to day 20!

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