day 17 - a picture of what i wore today

As previously mentioned, I went swimming today. So I obviously wore a bathing suit for at least part of today. By the way, I do realize the top and bottom don't match, but the red top has straps and i don't want the tan lines and the blue bottom is bigger than the red and I don't want those tan lines. So. Yeah.

Source: Andrea Despot


Goggled Hero said...


laura evans/photography said...

if it works ... it works! ps. honestly i couldn't tell it wasn't a set but then i'm not always the smartest cookie in the jar especially when it comes to fashion!

Krystal said...

i think they match!! None of my tops and bottoms match. Actually, I just paired a brown top with black bottoms...do you think that is bad?

Molly said...

That's so clever.
I love that you took the pic of the clothes instead of in the clothes.