I should just tell you now, I love astronomy. Nothing can accurately describe the swelling feeling I get in my heart and my mind when I look at a clear night sky or wonderful astrophotography. But this quote from one of my favorite movies, Gattaca, might do:
I've always felt that I belong with the stars. If I ever got the chance to go into space, I think my heart would explode with unfathomable happiness.

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Athena. said...

I adore pictures of the universe;
and I do often think that we fell from the sky, and when we die, over time and time and time, our souls float up and join a constellation.

Amie McCracken said...

Space is beautiful, but it also scares me. I'm not claustrophobic, I'm too-much-space-ophobic.

(I just found your new blog. I was gone when you switched over!)

Krystal said...

astronomy was my favorite subject when i was little. it's too bad we don't learn it growing up forever and ever. these images are so pretty :)