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Well, I'm taking the plunge and starting my own "personal" blog! For the past few months I've been blogging from May I Take Your Picture? I started that blog as a way to share and organize all of the photographs that inspire me. But lately I've been wishing to share a little more about myself and my own photography, and I didn't really think it fit in a blog that was meant to share information about other photographers, not myself. So, I'm abandoning that blog and starting this one! But never fear, I will still feature photographers and pretty stuff on here. This blog will basically be a mix of all things me: my thoughts, my interests, my photography, my inspirations, books I'm reading, movies I'm loving, the world through my eyes and my mind.

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Jessica said...

Hey Andrea!
I can't wait to see what you post on this blog. I am a huge fan of your previous blog. Even though I didn't check it regularly, I would alwasy look at everything back to the point from when I last checked it. You've got a great eye for photography and design, so it'll be great to hear/see some more insights into you personally. Much luck and success with the new blog!

Tali Schiffer said...

Congratulations Andrea! I am happily joining you here, and adding your brand new blog to my daily reads :)
Good luck, and have fun!

PhotoPuddle said...

Sounds like it'll be a lovely blog! Shall look forward to seeing what you post!

andrea said...

aw, thanks guys!