happy friday

It's Friday and soon to be an extra long weekend! Here in the States we have Monday off for Memorial Day. I'm planning on (finally) finishing a photography job, taking pictures for the Miss Match Project, going to a hippy (!) wedding, and shopping for a pretty dress to wear to another more formal wedding in June!

I don't know about you, but I hate shopping for clothes. I don't have much of a style, usually just jeans and a plain shirt. Which is so boring. I see the style I would like to have on other people, but I can never emulate it for myself. I wish I could just see what I like in magazines and pick it out of the book right there and keep it. In stores I always see lots of pretty clothes I would love to own, but they are always super expensive.

So I'm kind of dreading the dress shopping. I hate wearing dresses, I own only one little black dress that I've had for over 5 years. I just hope I can find one that fits perfectly, is a little different than something I would normally wear, and doesn't cost too much. Keep your fingers crossed that I find something!

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ApachesPrincess said...

A hippie wedding sounds like a BLAST! I'm sure it will be to!